Gamers are everywhere these days, and now we’re cool. I remember when you really had to hide being a gamer unless you were a little kid, and you didn’t even really think of yourself as a gamer at the time. Today, you can brag about being a gamer and about all of the awesome games that you have tried. Getting to a new level in a video game is finally being recognized as the accomplishment that it is. People once laughed when I bragged about that sort of thing. Now, they’re cheering me on, and that’s why we need to have gamers portals like this one.

Gamers need to have more communities of like-minded individuals. Some of us still remember what it was like in a world in which the like-minded individuals were very difficult to find, and the new world is so much better for everyone. We can share all sorts of recommendations for games with one another. We can enjoy each other’s company when gaming and when not gaming. We can appreciate all of the nuances that video games can have, especially in a world where they are quickly becoming an art form. We also don’t have to listen to the people who still insist that video games cannot be art. As gamers, we already know that video games can most definitely be art, and when we play, we are definitely appreciating art each and every time.