Best Real-Time Strategy Games 2015

The Best Real-Time Strategy Games 2015

Building a successful real-time strategy game requires a plan. Games have to reflect the current life challenges and advance on the use of imagination in order to capture the players. Games have an element of overcoming obstacles and managing teams to save the world or win.


The list below covers the best real-time strategy games:

Age of Empires II

“Age of Empires II” is a powerful and famous game that has been rebuilt to be captivating. It features a lot of modifications and is a high-definition video game. It has broader content that its previous version did not.

StarCraft 2-Wings of Liberty

This is an appealing game that is also recent. The original did capture a bigger market than this modification. However, “StarCraft 2” has a large number of fans. This game is very competitive and requires specialists. It takes time to master but is very captivating to those who know how to play it. Its campaign also appeals to novice players. “StarCraft 2” further has a nice story-line.

Total War-Attila

“Total War” is completely worth mentioning. As the name suggests, it is a war game. This is a great game that has been put together in 2015.


Homeworld Remastered

“Homeworld Remastered” is a battlefield that is familiar and feels diplomatic. It is highly acclaimed in the gaming world. There are a lot of good things to say about this game. It is less complex but challenging. It is a great game for a novice player and adds new aspects to the battle.


Offworld Trading Company

“Offworld Trading Company” strategy game is more of a genius mind-game. It requires wit in order to control and rule over the economy in order to succeed in this game. It is based on civilisation and capitalism. You also need negotiation skills with other empires. The story in this game is unique.

Company of Heroes 2

“Company of Heroes 2” mimics the World War II. It is a famous game to veteran players and includes welcomed challenges. It is a modern war game that measures your wit on the battle space. There are only a few changes from its previous version. The game has a reward system of bonuses and medals for each victory.


“Etherium” is a modern classical game that includes a number of intricacies. It has a revolutionary setting which combines military groups and scissors units. There is also an aspect of changing weather during battle to sandstorms, blizzards, hurricanes and other challenges of nature. It is a fusion game with space maps.

Age of Mythology Extended Edition

This age-old game has undergone some changes to accommodate modern aspects. There are improvements in graphics, lighting, resolution and sound. It also plays in a multiplayer and has many fans.

What Strategy Games Do Not Miss

Strategy games include an element of grandiose occurrences that need resolution. The games above take you through this. They teach you to govern empires, marshal armies and control spaces. They offer a variety of genre, traditional, current and futures aspects to the games.

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