Combat Games That Every Gamer Should Own

A combat game is a form of an action game where two virtual characters engage in a one on one fight. They feature both armed and unarmed fighting techniques, using weapons and martial arts. Here, gamers are given the option of controlling the on screen characters, engaging them to close combat with their opponents. Notably, the first virtual combat game in history, Heavyweight Champ was created in 1976.

Most of these games are played on computers, mobile phones and gaming devices such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Virtual characters in combat games are characterized with high exaggerated martial arts moves and skills. In addition to this, the games have several rounds per fight, with the option of adjusting the difficulty of a game after each fight. In order to beat an opponent, gamers should be in a capacity to use combo techniques. A combo technique comprises of a series of attacks, blocking and counter attacking.

Best Combat Games Gamers You Should Have

Mortal Kombat X

Like other games on the Mortal Kombat series, its gameplay consist of two players fighting each other. Virtual characters are required to use a variety of attacks, depending on the mode of game a gamer has selected. As a gamer unlocks the various levels of difficulty in the game, they are able to also unlock a wide variety of useful items.


Ultra Street Fighter IV

Announced in 2013 at the Evolution Championship Series, Ultra Street Fighter IV is an arcade game containing downloadable content from previous iterations. It has additional five characters, as compared to its predecessor, Super Street Fighter. The changes and upgrades were motivated by contributions and feedback from fans all over the world.



This game boasts a weapon combat feature bringing out fun and diversity in a gamer. Each virtual character has a unique weapon that adds up to hi fighting techniques. Recently, a port of this game was released on the Android platform, making it accessible to mobile phone users.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Having won the Game of the Year award, the game is set with authentic advanced weaponry and combat gear, such as sniper rifles, night vision goggles that assist virtual characters complete their missions. It also boasts of coordinated assault and support equipment, for example jets to take out enemies or choppers with a state of the art gunship. This game delivers persistent online experience and success to its users, thanks to its prototype, Call of Duty 2.

Battlefield 2

In this game, gamers are supposed to choose to fight one of the three military superpowers, namely, the United States, newly formed Middle East coalition or the Chinese. Gamers are to take up characters, arming them with weapons as well as get them sophisticated vehicles to assist in them in their campaigns. After attaining success in various campaigns, the virtual characters rise to ranks such as being a General.


Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

Black Hole Rising is a turn based tactics video game for the Game Boy Advance. The goal of this game is to defeat all enemies, some going on special missions. In general, gamers can win by defeating all the army troops or by conquering the enemy’s headquarters. In certain campaigns, there rests special tasks such as capturing and destruction of key buildings, like Black Cannon, which is an additional building for the game.

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