Most Over-Rated Role-Playing Games

How Much Of It Is Simply Hype?

We hear a lot about the latest role-playing games. We are often told which ones look most realistic, are the most challenging and have been given the best updates. We are given promises of the awesome story lines and character development, however, do you ever stop stop to consider how many of these claims are actually valid? How many of these changes, updates and graphics are simply hype? Let’s talk about which games, specifically role- playing, are the most over-rated.


All Talk And No Action

World of Warcraft

This first one may ruffle a few feathers because many people are addicted to this game. Currently, it has over 12 million subscribers, so needless to say, we can’t take their success away from them. However, in several respects, World Of Warcraft is not much different than any other MMO on the gaming market. And when it is carefully considered, as time passes, it becomes more and more dumbed down in order to attract a new audience.

Dragon Quest VIII

This games has not seen many changes along the way. It first arrived on the PS2 and had several critics but excellent sales numbers. The problem is, this particular starts off with a big band. It draws you in, but towards the middle the excitement tapers off because the whole thing begins to fall flat. It’s an awesome entrance into the Dragon Quest series, however, there are much better RPGs on the Play Station 2 and as well as the Dragon Quest series itself.

Tactics Ogre

Tactics Ogre always makes its way into the conversation whenever someone brings up the best role playing games. This game obviously has a very good plot, but the game play itself leave a lot to be desired. All of the battles are geared towards the main character which makes battles next to impossible to win. And unfortunately, the main character is necessary for every battle. Many feel that the best tactic is to put the other characters on higher level than the main character, however any game which requires its players to unnecessarily grind is incredibly flawed. You are basically being punished for advancing your main character.


There are many individuals who live and die by Xenogears. It’s equivalent to the Final Fantasy VII followingt. The Gears option and the battle system are both worth noting. However, though this game introduces an interesting set of characters and offered superbe character development, it went too far with all of its religious and philosophical elements. i.e. “crucified Gears.” You can also tell that this games was far from finished, specifically the desert scenes. Though Xenosaga attempted to tell an entire story, this series just never completely took off.

The Choice Is Yours

The next time you are browsing the shelves at game stop, take a few things into consideration. How much promotion has gone behind the games you see? Are you simply buying them because everyone else is or is there any substance to your game time?

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